Dotcom domains are one of the rarest and most valuable items worldwide.

The letters L-L-Y can be added to any english words ending with the letter E, which then is pronounced.

PRIMELLY domains are unique and rare, making it perfect for brandnames.

Domains with the ending ELLY are gaining attention since the

famous exchange was established 2 years ago.

You cure people ? Then might be your choice.

Are you selling juices ? Why not making your new brand?

You created a new super-glue? makes your product look contemporary and fun.

After you have purchased your Primelly domain, you can secure the .org and .net domain too, which will most likely be available on the domain-market.

Your Primelly name could still be available as a username for Twitter, Facebook and other social network sites.

All our domains are sold for 10,000 $ at


List of available domains

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